Loyal like Toni Kroos: only wearing the same type of shoes for 10 years

During the 2022 Champions League final, many people suddenly saw Toni Kroos wearing an old pair of shoes, with torn pieces clearly visible on the toe, tongue, as well as the shoe sole that had come off. Many people wonder why a star with a huge income, as well as the representative face of many big brands, wears such old shoes.

Actually, that was the decision that came from Toni Kroos himself. The story of 10 years of loyalty to just one Adidas shoe model will be clarified by The Sporting News in the article below.

Why has Toni Kroos only worn the same type of shoes for the past 10 years?

With major sports shoe manufacturing brands like Adidas, they always update new shoe models every year. Along with that are improvements in technology and materials to bring comfort to players, some superstars even have their own shoe models.

However, Toni Kroos doesn’t care about that at all. Since 2013, the German midfielder has only worn Adidas 11pro shoes in all matches. Even Toni Kroos doesn’t change his shoes to new ones unless the old ones are so damaged that they can no longer be used.

More specifically, the Adidas 11pro model was discontinued in 2014 to make way for new shoe lines that are more advanced, more beautiful and of better quality. However, Toni Kroos is still loyal to Adidas 11pro, so much so that the German sports giant had to “specially” produce special shoes for Kroos.

According to Ben Warren, an expert who supplies shoes to professional football players, no company has ever produced a discontinued shoe model just to serve one player. “Toni Kroos is a special case. I think he is a German player and Adidas is a German sports company, so they have special privileges. However, he is still the only one with this privilege , because shoe brands are always extremely strict in wanting players to wear the latest shoe models.”

Some opinions say that Toni Kroos’s loyalty to Adidas 11pro is also due to the comfort of these shoes, or mixed with a little “spiritual” element. According to statistics, since wearing Adidas 11pro in 2014, Toni Kroos’ passing accuracy rate has never dropped below 90% in all seasons that he has played, including the domestic arena or Champions League. League.

After the 2022 Champions League final mentioned above, Toni Kroos continued to use the shoe model that has been with him for many years, but is a completely new special version called Adidas Adipure 11pro. This continues to demonstrate the favor that Adidas has for the German player.