Shame on you abroad! Japanese and Korean media published articles satirizing the national football team, rewriting 39 years of history, and Shaolin football reappeared

Chinese football has become “hot” again in the past two days. In an international football friendly match held not long ago, the Chinese men’s football team unexpectedly lost 1-2 to the Hong Kong team of China. This was also the first time in 39 years that the Chinese team lost to the Hong Kong team in the international A-level competition. After the national football team suffered a disastrous defeat against Thailand in a friendly match, former international player Fan Zhiyi angrily stated that if this momentum continues, the Chinese team will lose to Vietnam and Myanmar sooner or later. But he still didn’t expect that the national football team would overturn the Hong Kong team. No one can tell clearly where the lower limit of Chinese football is.

As the saying goes, good things never go out, but bad things spread thousands of miles. This humiliating defeat of the national football team quickly attracted the attention of our neighbors South Korea and Japanese media. South Korea’s “United News” recently published an article: “In the friendly match before the Asian Cup, the Hong Kong team of China set a record Defeated the Chinese team and rewrote the history of the team. The last time the Hong Kong team of China defeated the Chinese team was in the Dynasty Cup in 1995. At that time, the Hong Kong team of China defeated the Chinese team in a penalty shootout and won the third place in the game. However, it was a point. The results of football battles are usually only recorded as draws. If only wins are counted, the last time the Hong Kong team defeated the Chinese team was in the 1985 World Cup qualifiers, 39 years ago!”

The Korean media also concluded: “The loss to the Hong Kong team is the third defeat that the Chinese team has suffered recently. Previously, they had lost to the South Korean team and the Oman team in the World Cup preliminaries and warm-up matches. The prospects of the defeated Chinese men’s football team in the Asian Cup have undoubtedly become quite bleak.”

Later, Japan’s “Yahoo Sports” also followed up and reported: “Chinese football got off to a bad start at the beginning of 2024. They lost to the Hong Kong team of China, which is ranked 71 lower than themselves in the world. For Chinese football For me, this game is undoubtedly humiliating. Moreover, during the game, three of their players received red cards and were sent off. Shaolin Football once again appeared on the field!”

In this regard, Japanese fans also commented and expressed their opinions. Some fans wrote: “No matter how many places there are, the Chinese team will not be able to enter the World Cup. There are too many teams in Asia that they cannot defeat, and now there is another Hong Kong, China.” Some fans said: “Chinese football once It also used money to create a golden era and gave birth to top Asian clubs like Guangzhou Evergrande. However, this did not bring improvement to the Chinese national team. Perhaps the Chinese Football Association should reflect on the purpose of the existence of the Chinese Super League. What?” Some fans also said: “FIFA, which is greedy for money, may be disappointed again. No matter how you expand the army, it is impossible for the Chinese team to enter the World Cup. They are really too weak!”

It is foreseeable that with this humiliating defeat, the reputation of the Chinese men’s football team in the country will once again fall to freezing point. Whether they can complete self-rescue depends on how they perform in the Asian Cup.

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