The Detroit Pistons’ historic losing streak depends on sponsor Wingstop

The Detroit Pistons are at risk of becoming the team with the longest losing streak in NBA history and could surpass the record of the Philadelphia 76ers. One way or another, Detroit fans are also affected by this series of bad results.

Loyal fans in Detroit not only watched their favorite team lose in a row, but they also missed out on the Wingstop promotion because of the Pistons’ poor streak. 

In early December, a fan in Detroit  discovered  a promotion that offered customers five boneless chicken wings at select Wingstops locations in Detroit if the Pistons won. The problem is that since the release of this promotion, the Pistons have not won a single game.

The Pistons have lost 27 matches, becoming the team with the most losses in a season and just shy of the Philadelphia 76ers’ record of 28 consecutive losses in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons.

The Detroit Pistons’ historic losing streak depends on sponsor Wingstop

Although the Pistons won two games in the 2023/24 season, at that time, the club and Wingstop had not yet cooperated so fans could not enjoy the offer. The evidence is that the Pistons’ posts at that time did not have the wingstop logo in posts on X (formerly twitter). 

It was not until November 24, when the Pistons received their 13th consecutive loss (116-136 against Indiana Pacers in the In-Season Tournament), that the Wingstop logo appeared on Pistons posts.

It’s unclear if that’s when the promotion started, but the logo’s inclusion wasn’t coincidental. Fans in Detroit discovered the promotion on December 7, with the content “free 5 boneless chicken wings with every Piston win”.

Along with news of the promotion, the Wingstop logo was included in photos in Pistons posts. And since then, Wingstop has become a symbol of the Pistons’ failures.

After SportsCenter  reposted  the image of the above promotion on Instagram, Wingstop’s official account happily commented: “We can give away 5 free chicken wings for every loss, because you guys deserve it.” a victory”.

Based on the premise the promotion began when the logo first appeared in Pistons posts, the club lost 15 straight games and fans in Detroit missed out on 75 boneless chicken wings.

Now, with every Pistons loss, “Wingstop” is a trending topic on X. Surely, the chicken chain will become a trend if the Pistons break the record for longest losing streak in NBA history.

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The Detroit Pistons’ historic losing streak depends on sponsor Wingstop

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